What’s Tiptap?

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Tiptap is a headless wrapper around ProseMirror – a toolkit for building rich text WYSIWYG editors, which is already in use at many well-known companies such as New York Times, The Guardian or Atlassian.

Create exactly the rich text editor you want out of customizable building blocks. Tiptap comes with sensible defaults, a lot of extensions and a friendly API to customize every aspect. It’s backed by a welcoming community, open source, and free.

What does “headless” mean?

There is no provided user interface, you are absolutely free to build whatever interface you want. No need to overwrite any class, to use !important or other hacks, just write whatever you like in the setup you are used to.

Why should I use Tiptap?

ProseMirror is a well-written, reliable and very powerful editor toolkit. It’s not so much the ready-to-use editor most people look for, but with Tiptap you can start in minutes, choose from tons of amazing extensions and still have that powerful ProseMirror API accessible when you really need it.

Do you enjoy real-time editing?

Great! We do so, too. Hocuspocus is our yjs-based real-time solution for conflict-free text editing with Tiptap.

Even better: Our managed solution Tiptap Collab is just a few clicks away.
– Enhance your Tiptap experience with multiplayer support in minutes instead of hours.


Fasten your seatbelts! Your hosted solution for collaborative editing is ready for you.

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