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Hocuspocus is a suite of tools to bring collaboration to your application. It’s based on Y.js (by Kevin Jahns), which is amazing to sync and merge changes from clients in real-time. But you can also use it to build offline-first apps, and sync changes later. We’ll make sure to resolve conflicts and keep everything in sync, always.

What is Y.js?

Y.js merges changes from users without conflicts and in real-time. Compared to other implementations, it is super performant and “kicks the pants off” (Joseph Gentle, Ex-Google Wave Engineer, source).

For such a Conflict-free Replication Data Type (CRDT), it doesn’t matter in which order changes are applied. It’s a little bit like Git, where it doesn’t matter when changes are committed. Also, every copy of the data is worth the same.

This enables you to build performant real-time applications, add collaboration to your existing app, sync awareness states and think offline-first.

The Hocuspocus Server

With Y.js, you can use whatever network protocol you like to send changes to other clients, but the most popular one is a WebSocket. The Hocuspocus Server is a WebSocket backend, which has everything to get started quickly, to integrate Y.js in your existing infrastructure and to scale to a million users.


  • Merges changes without conflicts
  • Doesn’t care when changes come in
  • Can sync your whole application state
  • Collaborative text editing (with Tiptap, Slate, Quill, Monaco or ProseMirror)
  • Integrates into existing applications
  • Sends changes to Webhooks
  • Scales to millions of users with Redis
  • Written in TypeScript