Tiptap is framework-agnostic and even works with Vanilla JavaScript (if that’s your thing). The following integration guides help you integrating Tiptap in your JavaScript project.

Integration guides

Community efforts

Vanilla JavaScript

You are using plain JavaScript or a framework that is not listed here? No worries, we provide everything you need.

1. Install the dependencies

For the following example you will need @tiptap/core (the actual editor) and @tiptap/starter-kit.

The StarterKit doesn’t include all, but the most common extensions.

npm install @tiptap/core @tiptap/starter-kit

2. Add some markup

Add the following HTML where you want the editor to be mounted:

<div class="element"></div>

3. Initialize the editor

Everything is in place now, so let’s set up the actual editor now. Add the following code to your JavaScript:

import { Editor } from '@tiptap/core'
import StarterKit from '@tiptap/starter-kit'

new Editor({
  element: document.querySelector('.element'),
  extensions: [
  content: '<p>Hello World!</p>',

Open your project in the browser to see Tiptap in action. Good work!