The plug’n’play collaborative editing backend.

Hocuspocus is an open source backend to bring real-time syncing, collaborative text editing and true collaboration to your application today. Get started in minutes, scale to millions.

Real-time everything

Add real-time syncing to parts of your app, or to the whole app. Integrates well with every backend that speaks HTTP.

Well documented

Documentation is a priority, we’ll write it while we code and that shows. Anything missing? We’ll make sure to add it.

Collaborative text editing

Make everything a Google doc. Works with tiptap, Quill, Slate, ProseMirror, Monaco, CodeMirror and Atlaskit.

Scales with Redis

Spin up multiple instances and keep them in sync with Redis, or even Redis clusters.

Everything in sync

Enable people to edit their data on multiple devices, and keep everything in sync, in real-time.

Open source

Vendor lock-in? Nope, take the code and do whatever you want. We’ve worked in open source for years.


Work offline and store changes in the browser, send them when you’re back online again.

Written in TypeScript

TypeScript ensures code quality and find bugs early. But don’t worry, no need to learn it.


Based on the Y.js conflict-free replication data type. It’s like Git, but superfast and without merge conflicts.

Who’s using it?


Hocuspocus will be licensed under MIT, and you’ll be free to do whatever you want. Can’t wait to get access? Become a Tiptap Pro and receive an invite immediatly. Hocuspocus is part of the Y-Collective, too.