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Providers are the Y.js way to set up communication between different users, or cache the updates in the browser. Hocuspocus comes with its own provider and is not compatible anymore (since v2) with other y-providers, as we are supporting multiplexing to synchronize multiple documents over the same websocket connection.

It’s coming with WebSocket message authentication, a debug mode to add verbose output to the console, a few more event hooks, a different reconnection strategy, an improved error handling and a friendly API for the Awareness protocol.

All Y.js providers can be used together. That includes the Hocuspocus provider, and the original y-websocket provider, y-webrtc, y-indexeddb (for in-browser caching) or y-dat (work in progress). You can use the Hocuspocus provider with y-webrtc and other y-providers, but when using Hocuspocus you'll have to use our HocuspocusProvider, and server implementations apart from hocuspocus probably won't work too. You can however instantiate multiple providers if you want to synchronize with Hocuspocus and other servers.