Setting Description Default Value
url The URL of the Hocuspocus/WebSocket server. ''
parameters Parameters will be added to the server URL and passed to the server. {}
name The name of the document. ''
document The actual Y.js document. Optional, by default a new document is created and be access through provider.document. new Y.Doc()
token An authentication token that will be passed to the server (works with strings, functions and Promises). ''
awareness Awareness object, by default attached to the passed Y.js document. new Awareness()
connect Whether to connect to the server after initialization. true
preserveConnection Whether to preserve the websocket connection after closing the provider. true
broadcast By default changes are synced between browser tabs through broadcasting. true
forceSyncInterval Ask the server every x ms for updates. false
delay The delay between each attempt in milliseconds. You can provide a factor to have the delay grow exponentially. 1000
initialDelay The initialDelay is the amount of time to wait before making the first attempt. This option should typically be 0 since you typically want the first attempt to happen immediately. 0
factor The factor option is used to grow the delay exponentially. 2
maxAttempts The maximum number of attempts or 0 if there is no limit on number of attempts. 0
minDelay minDelay is used to set a lower bound of delay when jitter is enabled. This property has no effect if jitter is disabled. 1000
maxDelay The maxDelay option is used to set an upper bound for the delay when factor is enabled. A value of 0 can be provided if there should be no upper bound when calculating delay. 30000
jitter If jitter is true then the calculated delay will be a random integer value between minDelay and the calculated delay for the current iteration. true
timeout A timeout in milliseconds. If timeout is non-zero then a timer is set using setTimeout. If the timeout is triggered then future attempts will be aborted. 0
messageReconnectTimeout Closes the connection when after the configured messageReconnectTimeout no message was received. 30000
WebSocketPolyfill Running in Node.js: Pass a WebSocket polyfill, for example ws. WebSocket
quiet The provider will output a few warnings to help you. In case you want to disable those, just set quiet to true. false


There is not much required to set up the provider, a simple example can be found in Getting started