There are only a few settings to pass for now. Most things are controlled through hooks.


Setting Description Default value
name A name for the instance, used for logging.
port The port the server should listen on. 80
timeout A connection healthcheck interval in milliseconds. 30000 (= 30s)
debounce Debounces the call of the onStoreDocument hook for the given amount of time in ms. Otherwise every single update would be persisted. 2000 (= 2s)
maxDebounce Makes sure to call onStoreDocument at least in the given amount of time (ms). 10000 (= 10s)
quiet By default, the servers show a start screen. If passed false, the server will start quietly. false


import { Server } from "@hocuspocus/server";

const server = Server.configure({
  name: "hocuspocus-fra1-01",
  port: 1234,
  timeout: 30000,
  debounce: 5000,
  maxDebounce: 30000,
  quiet: true,