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Published November 21st, 2022 by @philipisik

TL;DR: We are increasing our workforce on Tiptap and Hocuspocus with our team again. Philipp Kühn and Hans Pagel left the company.

A few years ago, Tiptap started as a side project of our co-founder Philipp Kühn. After we migrated the project to our company, überdosis, and developed a complete rewrite of the framework there, Tiptap 2 got quite crazy. The side project grew faster and became more popular than we expected. Two years later, we are still impressed by all the fantastic things that have happened so far. With Hocuspocus, a second idea was born, which we started to bring to life.

It took us a while to decide how to proceed with Tiptap and Hocuspocus. As a side project, they were too big by now, but to work on them full time, we didn’t earn enough money with them yet.

We had to sort through a lot of stuff and clarify many things, but today we can announce that we will increase our workforce on Tiptap and Hocuspocus with our team again.

The agency business has made us what we are today for six fantastic years and will go into its well-deserved retirement step by step with the move to Tiptap and Hocuspocus.

As you may have noticed, Hans Pagel ( and Philipp Kühn ( have been mostly inactive since February. Both have left überdosis, Tiptap, and Hocuspocus. After so many unbelievable moments, beautiful projects, ups and downs, crazy office retreats, emotions, parties, discussions, hugs, tears, and laughs, it’s time to say goodbye. From the bottom of our hearts, a huge thank you to Hans and Philipp that you kicked things off. We wish you all the best, a great new adventure, and travel mates that will enrich your lives, as we hopefully did at überdosis. You really made these past six years a blast!

What’s next for us?

We keep ramping things up and get an ambitious roadmap.

  • A stable release of Tiptap in early 2023
  • A stable release of Hocuspocus by the end of 2022
  • The launch of the Hocuspocus Cloud Beta by the end of 2022
  • Tons of new features and extensions in 2023

We’re deeply humbled about all the wonderful relationships and experiences we have reached – and excited about all the new adventures that await us.


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