The headless rich text editor

From Notion-like interfaces to Google Docs functionality – develop powerful WYSIWYG editor apps super fast with the Tiptap editor.

Full creative control

The Tiptap WYSIWYG Editor is headless and comes without any CSS. Control styling and appearance without that messy !important

Craft a tailored user experience

Create a unique user experience tailored to your customer’s expectations. Implement your own interactions and functionalities on top of our large extension library.

Lightweight and optimized performance

The rich text editor framework is as lightweight as it gets. Improve your loading times by only integrating functionality and stylings you need.

With 20,000+ businesses using Tiptap, there’s a good chance we’ve crossed paths.

Built for developersby developers

Dive into our detailed docs backed by the reliability of our open-source core.

Examples… Examples… Examples!

Explore a library of practical code examples for each extension, ensuring a smooth integration into your project.

Powered by ProseMirror

Unparalleled reliability and advanced editing features with Tiptap, leveraging ProseMirror's proven stability.

A strong Open Source foundation

Engage with a dynamic open source core, featuring contributions and discussions from developers worldwide covering every little edge case.

Supercharge yourcontent experience

From AI text creation to real-time collaboration and robust document management, Tiptap offers an all-in-one platform for your content needs – available on-premises or as a cloud service.

Create your owneditor experience

Build Diverse Solutions from AI Copywriting to Site Building and Collaborative Platforms to Customer Support Systems.

Content site builder

Build a user-friendly Content Site Builder by implementing drag-and-drop features and HTML rendering capabilities. Tiptap helps your users create customizable website designs.

Content AI

Project management tool

Use Tiptap’s modular design to develop a collaborative editing UX. Incorporate extensions for live collaboration, including slash menus, cursor tracking and real-time avatar displays.

Content AI

AI copywriter

Develop AI copywriting tools on top of the Tiptap extension-based framework. Integrate functionalities for text completion, enhancement, translation and summarization.

Content AI
The rich text editor
The rich text editor
that next-gen
that next-gen
leaders love
leaders love
Tiptap gives us the opportunity to actually build the software product that we've been brainstorming about for a long time now.
Website Builder
The flexibility to customize the editor UI at a lower cost is a core requirement to build an editor that integrates seemingly across GitLab.
DevSecOps Platform
Tiptap Content AI helped us add a 'wow' factor in a couple of hours to our app with their context-aware AI suggestions.
Manage and Report ESG data

Got Questions?We’ve got Answers!

Dive into our Tiptap FAQ: From syncing secrets to collaboration charms, we’re here to clear up all your curiosities.

Yes! Tiptap is a versatile and powerful open-source editor, available under the MIT license, which means you can use it free of charge. This makes it an accessible tool for developers looking to enhance their applications with advanced text editing features. For those who want to dive deeper and leverage the full potential of Tiptap, some of our more advanced extensions require a free Tiptap account. Most features, though, are readily available and can be easily integrated into your project with a simple npm install. This dual approach ensures that Tiptap remains an inclusive and flexible tool for a wide range of development needs, from basic text editing to more complex, collaborative functionalities.

Plain text editors are the simplest form, allowing you to write and edit text without formatting – ideal for coding or simple note-taking. Rich text editors, on the other hand, offer more functionality, enabling formatting options like bold, italics, and lists, much like what you'd find in word processing software. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors take this a step further. They allow you to work with text, images, and other elements in a format that closely resembles the final output. This means you can see the styling and layout changes as you make them, providing a more intuitive and visually oriented editing experience. Each type serves different purposes, catering to various needs from basic text entry to complex content creation.

To use and implement Tiptap's rich text editor, you need to integrate it into your application. This process starts with installing Tiptap via npm. Once installed, you can easily incorporate the rich text editor into your web application by following the documentation provided on the Tiptap website. The documentation guides you through various aspects of implementation, from basic setup to customizing the editor to suit your specific needs.

Yes, the source code for Tiptap's rich text editor is openly available, as it is an open-source project. You can view, study, and even contribute to the source code by visiting the Tiptap repository on GitHub