Tiptap Stable Release, Tiptap Collab & Hocuspocus 2.0.0 are out! →

The headless editor framework for web artisans.

Tiptap gives you full control over every single aspect of your text editor experience. It’s customizable, comes with a ton of extensions, allows real-time collaboration, is open source and has an extensive documentation. Join our welcoming community and start building cool things!

Tiptap Collab Beta

Fasten your seatbelts! Your hosted solution for collaborative editing is ready for you.

Supercharge your app with collaborative editing:
  • Real-time everything
  • Conflict-free & Offline-first
  • Managed and hosted by us

You’ll be in good company. These teams and many more create amazing products with Tiptap.

Your benefits


It’s headless and comes without any CSS. You are in full control over markup, styling and behaviour.


Out of the box, Tiptap works with Vanilla JavaScript and Vue.js, but it’s also possible to use it in React, Svelte and others.


TypeScript helps to find bugs early and gives you a nice autocomplete for the API on top of the extensive human written documentation.


Real-time collaboration, syncing between different devices and working offline isn’t hard anymore. Keep everything in sync with the magic of Y.js.


There’s so much content shared, so many people helping out in issues and a ton of community extensions, you’ll be surprised how much that all can help.

Who’s using it?


You are free to do whatever you want, Tiptap is licensed under MIT. If you are a user of our Tiptap Pro Extensions, they will have their own license.