Editor Framework

A new level of editor experience.

Tiptap gives you full control over every single aspect of your editor experience. It's customizable, comes with a ton of extensions and real-time collaboration, is open source, and has extensive documentation.

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Quick start

Above example for React. See complete instructions here.

Compatible with

The headless editor for web artisans.

From basic to advanced, Tiptap does it all.

Over a hundred extensions let you leverage your editor.

Tiptap is lightweight, fast, and can be customized to your needs thanks to its extension architecture. Even better, if something is missing, just write an extension yourself.

Extension overview

Customize the editor the way you want.

Tiptap Editor is headless and comes without any CSS. You are in full control over markup, styling and behaviour.

Styling guide

Unlock advanced editing experience with pro features.

Tiptaps Pro features let your editor become the best in its class. Build apps that outperform the hottest startups in your industry.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Pro extensions
  • AI integration
Learn more

It's time for use cases.

You can build more things with Tiptap than you might expect. Here are four great ideas.

AI copywriting

AI rules the world, and so does Tiptap, with out-of-the-box AI features that let you build powerful editor apps.


Notion like experience

This is what Tiptap is known for. It raises the bar for block-based interfaces to an unbeatable level.

Collaboration (opt)


Build everything from slick support chats to complex messaging interfaces in a snap with Tiptap.


Content site building

Tiptap allows you to create extensive website builders with an incredible editor experience.

Collaboration (opt)

Show everyone what you built with Tiptap!

Be proud of what you've crafted with Tiptap and share your masterpiece on Tiptap's Showcase Channel on Discord and on Twitter. Receive kudos and honest feedback from a welcoming community.

Start building cool things with Tiptap.

Join our 28k+ developer community.

There's so much valuable content being shared, passionate developers supporting each other, and a ton of 3rd party extensions. You'll be amazed at how much cool stuff is being created by the Tiptap community.

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