Content AI extension


The integration into your editor instance is done like every other Tiptap extension. This is an example on how it could look like:

import { useEditor } from '@tiptap/react'
import StarterKit from '@tiptap/starter-kit'
import Ai from '@tiptap-pro/extension-ai'

const editor = useEditor({
  extensions: [
      appId: 'APP_ID_HERE',
      token: 'TOKEN_HERE',
      autocompletion: true,
      // … other options (see below)
    // … more extensions


The extension accepts different global settings on configuration.

Setting Type Default Definition
appId string '' Your Application ID which can be obtained by visiting the AI settings in Tiptap Cloud
token string '' In order to authenticate against our AI backend service, you’ll need to generate a JWT (with HS256) using your JWT secret, which you also obtain in your team’s AI settings page
autocompletion boolean false Enables the autocompletion feature. When writing text, just hit Tab to trigger the autocompletion and another Tab to accept the completion. We’re using a portion of your already written text to build a prompt for OpenAI.
autocompletionOptions object { trigger: 'Tab', inputLength: 4000, modelName: 'gpt-3.5-turbo' } Defines the trigger and length of text used to generate autocompletion suggestion. You can also choose the OpenAI model to run the autocompletion task.