Tiptap Roundhouse Kick 2023

Published March 31st, 2023 by @philipisik

Tiptap Roundhouse Kick 2023 Collage

Bootstrapping a company is always a trade-off between delivering a great product and acting financially profitable. Anyway, being bootstrapped doesn’t mean you have to be attentive. That’s why we have set bold goals this year.

Our mission for 2023: Don’t be careful, be confident.

Tiptap Editor Stable Release

We have released the 2.0.0 stable version of the Tiptap Editor. After 24 months in beta and a challenging last year, we have taken Tiptap to the next level! From now on, semantic versioning applies. The Tiptap editor is now an adult.

Tiptap Collab Release

To bring real-time synchronization and collaborative editing to your app we have released Tiptap Collab. It's Hocuspocus on steroids in the cloud. Get started in minutes, scale to millions. A few lines of code in your app, and everything is in sync. It’s that easy.

Hocuspocus 2.0.0 Release

After the stable release in January 2023, Hocuspocus gets its first major version update with the new core feature called “Multiplexing”. Multiplexing is especially useful when working with multiple documents simultaneously and will make this experience even faster.

The birth of a company

To demonstrate our ambitions, Tiptap will become its own legal entity and will no longer be a project of überdosis. Even from a business perspective, Tiptap is an adult. Everything else will remain the same: The people behind this project, the community and support, the website, and of course, our open-source mindset.

Laserfocus on the product

Tiptap started as a side hustle years ago of our ex-mate Philipp Kühn and became part of our digital agency überdosis with its version 2 later. To execute our roadmap and vision, we aim to shift our workforce completely from the client business of überdosis to Tiptap.

Out mood: Get Tiptap or Die Tryin’

Tiptap Roadmap 2023

We want to keep delivering, and that’s how you should judge us. What we strive to launch this year:

  • Ramp up Tiptap Collab
  • Extend the core functionality of the Tiptap editor
  • New Tiptap extensions, for example:
    • LineHeight (Open-Source)
    • HTML Marks (Open-Source)
    • Drag-Handle (Pro)
    • TableOfContent (Pro)
    • General Embed (Pro)
  • Advanced snippets and examples for use cases
  • Extend the core functionality of Hocuspocus

Tiptap as an ecosystem

Today, you know Tiptap as a headless editor framework and its sibling Hocuspocus as a collaboration backend server to bring real-time collaboration to the editor. Our goal is to create an ecosystem around Tiptap. Tiptap is not anymore the editor but the whole company.

We are excited to invest even more time and commitment into Tiptap and especially look forward to your contribution! Tiptap is a product baked by and for the community and will be even more this year.

Cu on GitHub, Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, and tiptap.dev

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