Pro features

Supercharge your Tiptap Editor.

Tiptaps Pro features give you an unfair advantage. Build the next gold standard in content editing experiences that your competitors can't match.



Add real-time syncing and multiplayer features to parts of your app, or to the whole app. Integrates well with every backend that speaks HTTP.

Pro extensions

Leverage your editor with powerful features for advanced use cases. Pro extensions let you build sophisticated editor experiences in a snap.


AI integration

Connect Tiptap with your OpenAI API key and enhance our editor with AI features such as auto-complete, text enhancement, translation, summarization, text and image generation.

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Join our idea pipeline.

Innovation cycles for developer tools are super fast. The good news is that many great ideas for Tiptap are either in development or on the roadmap.

In progress

Rich Embed

Paste a URL into your editor and get rich media embeds for the most popular formats, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Figma, Vimeo, Miro...

In progress

Pro Examples

For great ideas, a kick-start helps you get on track faster. Extensive code samples will boost your skills. It's like a treasure trove for you to pick from.

Proof of concept


Want the Google Docs-like redlining feature in your editor? Surprise, so do many other developers.

Proof of concept

Import & Export

This is where an average editor differs from a best-in-class one. Accurate import and export to other formats such as Word and PDF.

Proof of concept

File Cloud

You need drag'n'drop file upload in your editor, but don't want to take care of the whole backend part? If this is a good idea that you really need, let us know!

Missing feature?

These are the most requested features on our list. If something is missing, drop us a line so we know what you need.

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It's time for pro use cases.

Boost productivity, foster collaboration, and elevate your content creation beyond the ordinary with Tiptap Pro.

Collaborative editing

You don't need an entire IT department to get real-time collaboration. Just a few lines of code.


Collaborative drawing

Wait, you want to draw in an editor? Well, why not! Let your users write and draw on the same page.


AI copywriting

AI rules the world, and so does Tiptap, with out-of-the-box AI features that let you build powerful editor apps.


Collaborative editing todos

The classic tutorial for every new web developer. We have all done this exercise, but without collaboration.


Show everyone what you built with Tiptap!

Be proud of what you've crafted with Tiptap and share your masterpiece on Tiptap's Showcase Channel on Discord and on Twitter. Receive kudos and honest feedback from a welcoming community.

Start building cool things with Tiptap.

Join our 28k+ developer community.

There's so much valuable content being shared, passionate developers supporting each other, and a ton of 3rd party extensions. You'll be amazed at how much cool stuff is being created by the Tiptap community.

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