Content AI installation

Please follow the next steps closely in order to prevent any missing settings before you start using Tiptap AI.

Unless you’re an business customer who wants to use custom resolver functions, you’ll need to set up your OpenAI keys on our platform.

Set up Tiptap AI for your team

This extension relies on using our Tiptap AI backend service. You'll need a valid Entry, Business or Enterprise subscription. Just head over to our pricing page to learn more.

  1. You’ll need to provide an OpenAI API token yourself, which we’re using in order to send requests to the OpenAI API. Your token is stored well encrypted and is only used on a per-request basis. Add the OpenAI API Key to your team
  2. Generate a JWT (HS256 algorithm) with our provided secret to authenticate the extension against our service. Get your JWT secret.
  3. Set up the extension as described below.

Install the extension

Subscription Required

This extension requires a valid Entry, Business or Enterprise subscription. To install the extension you need access to our private registry, set this up first.

Once done, you can install the extension from our private registry:

npm install @tiptap-pro/extension-ai