Announcing Tiptap Pro

Published December 2nd, 2021 by @hanspagel

We are excited to announce Tiptap Pro: Tiptap Pro gives you early access to new things, to more advanced extensions, to exclusive screencasts and a more direct contact to us, the creators and maintainers of Tiptap.

It’s our way to give back to all the people, all the teams and all the organizations supporting our work and to say thank you! Let’s see what’s in there:

Advanced Tiptap extensions

Have you seen our new Emoji extension already? Philipp has done an amazing job, it’s handling so many edge cases and makes sure it’s a really superb experience to use the extension. Tiptap Pro get access to our private registry to use all our Tiptap Pro extensions in their projects.

In-depth screencasts

I started to record screencasts to add a more visual and in-depth way to explain concepts in Tiptap. There are seven videos available to all Tiptap Pro users already. The first series is about collaborative text editing, but there are two about building custom extensions, too.

Early access to Hocuspocus

You might have heard of our collaborative editing backend Hocuspocus. It has been our side project over the year, but we’ll try to push it even further for a few weeks now. Part of that is migrating the documentation here, to bring the same user experience to it. Tiptap Pro subscribers get full access to the documentation, the repository and the packages.

Learn more about our collaborative editing backend

An invite to our #insiders Discord community

Wow, when did that happen? The Tiptap Discord server has 671 members. If you want to chat with others and looking for quick help with Tiptap or Hocuspocus, this is the place to be, even if you‘re just getting started.

With Tiptap Pro you’ll get access to the private #insider channels, where Philipp and I are active every day.

Become a Tiptap Pro!

Want to become a Tiptap Pro? Check out the Tiptap Pro pricing and (convince your boss to) support our work! It’s people like you who make all that possible.

You are sponsoring us on GitHub already? Thank you, you’re amazing! Register here and connect your GitHub account to get all the benefits.

Thanks for reading! Questions/feedback? Send it to!

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