Moving to Laravel

Published October 15th, 2021 by @hanspagel

The whole Tiptap documentation has nearly 200 pages and was rendered through a nice static site generator until a month ago. Then we switched to a Laravel-based PHP application. Kind of surprising for the docs of a frontend library, isn’t it?

But … why?

We tried to not do that, but it all fell apart when we decided to give sponsors early access to more extensions. More than 300 inidividuals and organizations fund our work on a monthly basis and giving them early access to exclusive stuff felt like the right thing to do.

The solutions to do that were basically:

  • Not do it.
  • Live with a lot of compromises.
  • Switch to a full blown application.

We went with the last one, and I’m glad we did. The whole Tiptap site doesn’t feel like a “site” anymore, it feels more like platform which we can fully control, customize and basically add whatever we want (and we have enough ideas what that could be).

Okay, what’s different then?

The most note-worthy change is probably that we have accounts now. Everyone who’s signed up can start to sponsor us on GitHub or create a regular subscription to get exclusive stuff right-away. That exclusive stuff will grow exponentially in the next months:

  • Early-access to at least one new extension per month
  • Get an invite to our private repositories
  • Monthly AMA calls with us

And a few more things I don’t want to talk about yet. :)

What’s the stack now?

I think it’s fair to say, we’ve gone 100 % Laravel. Big shout out to Spatie, who made us feel confident with their blog post. Here is an overview of the amazing stuff we use now:

Oh, and you know what? We have a blog now, subscribe to it via RSS. :-)

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