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To deliver a top-notch developer experience and user experience, we put hundreds thousands of hours of unpaid work into Tiptap. Your funding helps us to make this work more and more financially sustainable. This enables us to provide helpful support, maintain all our packages, keep everything up to date, and develop new features and extensions for Tiptap.

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The maintainers of Tiptap

Dominik Biedebach Dominik Biedebach Development
Martin Kriegeskorte Martin Kriegeskorte Development
Patrick Baber Patrick Baber DevOps
Sven Adlung Sven Adlung Development
Timo Isik Timo Isik Development
Jan Thurau Jan Thurau Development
Philip Isik Philip Isik Support

More peace of mind

Companies betting on Tiptap probably want some peace of mind and ensure that we keep maintaining Tiptap, but don’t forget that our work is based on the work of other lovely people that you should definitely sponsor too:

Frequently asked questions

I can’t use GitHub. How can I support you?

If you’re a company, don’t want to use GitHub, don’t have a credit card or want a proper invoice from us, just reach out to us at humans@tiptap.dev.

We have an OpenCollective, which allows you to send money through transfer, PayPal or credit card. Donations are tax deductible for US companies.

I want consulting. What’s your rate?

If you have an issue, a question, want to talk something through or anything else, please use GitHub issues to keep everything accessible to the whole community. For everything else, reach out to humans@tiptap.dev. We can take on a limited number of custom development and consulting contracts.

Can we have a call?

Nope, we are big fans of asynchronous communication. If you really need to reach out in private, send us an email to humans@tiptap.dev, but don’t expect technical email support. That all happens on GitHub

P.S. Did you know, we’re also into realtime text editing?

With Collaboration we built a realtime backend for conflict-free text editing. And the best part: Integration into Tiptap is just a few clicks away.

Make sure to check it out!


Fasten your seatbelts! Your hosted solution for collaborative editing is ready for you.

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Supercharge your app with collaborative editing:
  • Real-time everything
  • Conflict-free & Offline-first
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