Content AI introduction

Integrate the Content AI into your Tiptap Editor with just a couple of lines of code. This extension equips you with a set of AI-enhanced features including pre-built commands, prompt customization, image generation, and smart autocompletion. Add your own custom comands on top and even integrate your own proprietary LLM to create a unique user experience.


Plug-and-play an AI-powered assistant into your editor for a streamlined content creation experience, complete with smart suggestions and improvements.

How it works

Integrating OpenAI with your Tiptap Editor is straightforward, covering both client and server-side implementations. Here’s the process:

  1. Highlight text in the editor and apply an AI command.
  2. Your selection, the chosen action, and any options are sent to our cloud service.
  3. We generate a prompt and engage OpenAI on your behalf.
  4. The AI's response is then directly inserted or streamed into your editor.

By default, this utilizes our backend service, but there are options for advanced scenarios including custom backends and LLMs.

Feature overview

✅ Pre-configured default commands
✅ Create your own prompts
✅ Autocompletion for efficient editing
✅ Real-time streaming for commands
✅ Compatibility with various OpenAI models (e.g., gpt-3.5-turbo, gpt-4, dall-e-3)
✅ Custom LLM integration for business accounts
✅ Custom commands and resolver functions for business accounts

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– We’d love to hear what you’re building with Tiptap & Tiptap AI.