What is the Comments extension?

The comments extension allows users to create threads and comments in your editor. Threads can be used to discuss specific parts of the document, or to add comments to specific parts of the document.

Comments Example

For simpler examples, begin with the "Getting Started" section.

What features are included?

✅ Inline, Documents and Sidebar comments
✅ Commenting on text, nodes, custom nodes and across a selection of nodes
✅ Rich text support within comments (bold, emojis, etc.)
✅ Resolving, editing and deletion of comments
✅ Offline commenting support
✅ Overlapping comments
✅ Mentioning of users within comments
✅ A webhook that allows you to integrate your own notification service in case someone is mentioned
✅ A comments API that allows to programmatically interact with the comments

Subscription Required

This extension requires a valid Entry, Business or Enterprise subscription and a running Tiptap Cloud instance. To install the extension you need access to our private registry, set this up first.

What is coming next?

We're currently enhancing the comments extension with improved authentication, ensuring users can only interact with their own comments for better security and customization.

Next up, we'll introduce a dedicated comments UI component, designed to make integration easier and provide a user-friendly interface for adding comments to your projects.